Tips for Using Social Media for Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your business and you want everybody to see you as a serious professional and that means developing a personal brand around your company or start-ups.

We live in a world where the lines between our professional and personal lives are very blurred. But that does not mean you should be all work and no play, especially on social media. Today we are connected to our friends and colleagues on Facebook. We have peers adding us on Linkedin and clients following us on Instagram.

It is okay to mix our personal and professional life on social media because people can see the real you. It makes them feel close to you and make it easier to establish trust and authentic relationship.

So it is really very essential to brand yourself on social media for establishing and maintaining relevancy among your target consumers. Most of the branding experts agree that as an entrepreneur your online presence should be a healthy mix of personal and professional life but some basic rules that must be followed.

Here are a few do`s and don’ts when you want to build your personal brand on social media.

What to do:

Post Consistently

Most people in the world view social media as a hobby and social media users always look for consistency and quality in the accounts they follow. If you post a ton all at once and then disappear for weeks or months then your followers will trust you less and not be interested in what you say. So it is advisable to update each of your social media accounts regularly for a better result.

Build Strong Relationship with the Right People

Quality over quantity has always been the mantra of great content marketers. The same applies to your social media connections. You don’t have to worry about the number of followers you have, it is more important to engage and build a relationship with the industry influencers and other people who could add value to your personal and professional brand.

Pay Attention to What Your Followers Like

Whatever the number of retweets, likes, and shares your post gets, it should not be your target of social media strategy. Your aim must be to give your followers more of what they like. There is no exact formula or method to know followers’ choices but you will learn over time that what types of posts your followers like and engage with most.


What You Don`t Have to do:

Never Post Any Controversial Content

If you want to be taken seriously as a professional make sure you never post any controversial post. Try to be professional in your tweets or post that is associated with your name. To ensure that you appear to the right audiences, make sure you have a clean record and distance yourself from any embarrassing photo or scandalous video.

Be Afraid to Let Your Guard Down

Be real on social media and get comfortable revealing who you are as a person. This is the best way to build an emotional bond with your followers.

Get Stuck on Rules

Never approach social media with a set of rules and assumptions of what your present and future followers will like. You should try all types of content that you think is useful to your followers. Refine your strategy over time, based on which type of your post is most liked and most importantly what you are proud of posting each day.

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