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Best Financial Empowerment Tips Financial empowerment is not about how much money you have but how you handle your money. According to recent reports, 80% of Indians list Finance as their #1 stressor. Many of us are just one unexpected medical bill, expensive car repair, or some other money emergency away from financial disaster. But it does not have to be this way. Financial empowerment is all about being in control of your finances instead of your finances controlling you. Financial empowerment is about setting your financial goals, building and executing plans to maintain your chosen living lifestyle, and having a strategy to handle unexpected financial challenges and emergencies that pop up along the way. Whether at entry-level earnings or making six figures in your life, becoming financially empowered is about getting in the driver’s seat of your finances. That way, you can make better long-term decisions and build the…

What is Passive Income? Passive income is any money you make without having to work for it. You don’t have to do anything to earn it actively. Once the initial work is done, the income flows in regularly. This type of income is especially beneficial because it allows you to make money while you sleep, travel, or focus on other things. You can make passive income, such as writing eBooks, freelancing work, writing a blog, or selling items on any e-commerce website. Passive income is a great way of generating money while working on other projects or relaxing at home. How to Achieve Financial Independence through Passive Income Financial independence is a goal that many people aspire to. The idea of not having to work for money and instead relying on passive income is quite appealing. The key to achieving financial independence through the power of passive income is diversifying…

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