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Pre Leased Commercial Property In the last few years, many property buyers have invested in Pre-Rented Commercial Properties in Delhi, NCR. Due to the recent pandemic, everyone’s work has suffered, so many people are now looking for properties from which they can regularly get income. Although this phenomenon is witnessed more in the commercial real estate segment, pre-rented residential properties are also beginning to find buyers. What Are Pre-Leased or Pre-Rented Properties Pre-leased or pre-rented properties already have tenants and have fixed rental income. The main benefits of these properties are regular income, zero waiting periods, and higher capital appreciation. Pre-leased properties are the ones that are already leased out at the time of sale and getting rent from the tenant, and the investor continues with the lease to earn steady returns. Advantages of Pre-Leased Commercial Property Zero Waiting Period for Investor When an investor buys a pre-rented commercial property,…