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Why Invest in Yamuna Expressway Properties

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Why Investing in Yamuna Expressway Properties is a Good Decision

Yamuna Expressway is a 6-lane wide access-controlled expressway connecting Greater Noida and Agra. Initially, it was built only to reduce traffic on the Delhi-Agra National Highway. Still, due to its location, it was decided to develop it as a residential, commercial, and industrial hub.

Seeing the enormous development scope of the Yamuna Expressway and its adjoining regions, the UP Government has constituted the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA). The Yamuna Expressway is being developed to reduce the travel time between Delhi and Agra, develop the whole region around it, and increase tourism and other activities.

The Yamuna Expressway is a rapidly booming Real Estate hotspot in Delhi-NCR, offering immense potential for homebuyers and investors. This blog explains the area’s growth prospects, strategic location, and why it’s a good investment option.

Reasons Why to Invest in Yamuna Expressway

The Yamuna Expressway, stretching over 165 kilometers from Greater Noida to Agra and passing through Aligarh and Mathura, has been a magnet for real estate development.

A Master Plan with a Vision

The best part of this development lies in the meticulously detailed master plan conceptualized by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA). The master plan isn’t a blueprint; it’s a vision that aims to revolutionize the area in several ways.


Due to its geographical location advantage of being nestled between Delhi and Agra, YEIDA planned this region as an upcoming residential, commercial, and industrial hub. Delhi and Agra are major tourist attractions for people from India and all over the World. Trade and commerce activities in the region are bound to experience an upswing. YEIDA’s vision encompasses robust residential and commercial developments, ensuring the area thrives as a holistic urban center.

Educational Hub

Alongside residential and industrial development, there’s an emphasis on integrating knowledge-based institutions. On Yamuna Expressway, many prominent educational institutes and universities further accentuate the region’s allure as a prime location and educational hub.

The Noida International Airport at Jewar

Set to be developed in Jewar, this ambitious airport project will be a game-changer at Yamuna Expressway. It isn’t merely about air travel, and it opens up many opportunities.

Local Development

Connecting cities like Delhi, Noida, and Agra to the world’s aviation network will create enormous opportunities for local markets and many job opportunities for the people.

Boosting Tourism

The improved air connectivity is set to rejuvenate tourism, channeling more tourists to existing attractions and paving the way for newer tourist hubs.

Easing IGI Airport’s Burden

Delhi’s IGI Airport is inching closer to its capacity. The Jewar Airport promises to share the load, ensuring smoother air traffic management.

Phased Expansion

Initiated with only two runways, it will eventually stretch out to six runways in a few years, showcasing the airport’s envisioned potential.

Film City

Film City is an exhilarating project that aims to reposition YEIDA’s Sector 21 as an entertainment hub. It is spread across 1,000 acres and will be strategically located near the upcoming Noida International Airport, ensuring seamless connectivity for film professionals and enthusiasts.

Medical Device Park

The healthcare sector always remains in high demand. Recognizing the high growth potential of the healthcare market in Bharat, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched many initiatives, such as the Make in India campaign with special incentives for setting up manufacturing plants at medical device parks on the Yamuna Expressway.

To promote a conducive investment environment and to boost Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in this region, the UP Government is giving fast clearance and approvals.

Multimodal Logistics Park

YEIDA is proposing to develop a Multimodal Logistics Park (MMLP) facility at Tappal Bajna. The goal is to optimize the area’s present potential and create an enhanced investment environment for industrial activities. The MMLP will provide excellent transport links via road and rail, single-window services, custom clearance facilities, and various value-added services.

Having the freight profile and the proximity to the upcoming industrial development, the MMLP is expected to have the potential to develop as a warehousing and storage hub.

Metro Rail Connectivity

The metro rail will run from the proposed metro station at Pari Chowk to Sector 18 and 20 on the Yamuna Expressway. These sectors are the 1st inhabited sectors being developed by the Yamuna Expressway Authority and are currently under construction.


Connectivity: The Unbeatable Advantage

Arguably, one of the most enticing aspects of the region is its unparalleled connectivity. Be it roads or railways, the Yamuna Expressway region, especially the Noida International Airport, boasts of exceptional links. Here’s a glance at the connectivity matrix

  • IGI Airport | 72 Kms | 2 Hrs
  • Noida | 60 Kms | 55 Mins
  • Greater Noida | 40 Kms | 50 Mins
  • Gurugram | 80 Kms | 2.15 Hrs
  • Faridabad | 53 Kms | 1.10 Hrs
  • Ghaziabad | 75 Kms | 1.50 Hrs
  • Agra | 130 Kms | 2.50 Hrs
  • Aligarh | 65 Kms | 60 Mins

Investment Opportunities on Yamuna Expressway

Investing in the Yamuna Expressway can be an intelligent financial decision due to its strategic good location, affordable prices, growing demand, high return on investment, and good infrastructure.


Compared to other parts of Delhi NCR, the property prices on the Yamuna Expressway are relatively lower, offering better returns on investment.

Rising Demand

Due to well-planned developments in the area, Yamuna Expressway is witnessing a steady increase in demand for residential and commercial properties.

High Return on Investment

With the growing demand for properties on Yamuna Expressway, investing for at least five years can yield a high return.

Good Infrastructure

Yamuna Expressway has an excellent infrastructure, making it an attractive investment destination.


Investing in property on the Yamuna Expressway presents good opportunities for both homebuyers and investors. Its strategic location, affordable prices, growing demand, high return on investment, and well-developed infrastructure make it a compelling investment destination. However, conducting thorough research and due diligence before making investment decisions is essential to ensure maximum returns.

The Yamuna Expressway isn’t merely a road. It’s an avenue of opportunities, making it a golden opportunity for investors.

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